Tuesday, July 21st 24° drizzle

When I switched on the computer this morning my Forecastbar in Firefox indicated it was raining. Looking out the window we saw it was still dry. When we left the hotel after breakfast however it already started to drizzle. We walked to the Imperial Palace only to find it closed as yesterday was a holiday and so the park was open and closed on tuesday. Since the rain kept falling we made our way to Ginza, another of Tokyo’s shopping districts hoping we could at least stay dry in a few of the large shops there. The Sony showroom is an 8 storey building  with 3D theatre and a display of Sony’s newest products. Next on the list, scheduled for Wednesday was Roppongi Hills. Yet another shopping district but with the added value of a second Hard Rock Cafe. We had dinner here and then took the subway back to the hotel. It was still raining. Let’s hope tommorow it will be better so we can visit the Imperial grounds.