Wednesdsay, July 22nd 28°C Overcast and sticky

Rain when we woke up but dry when we left the hotel, that’s how it should be. It was already warm when we walked 2 Km to the Imperial palace gardens. This time they were open. We almost forgot but around 11 we noticed people started to look up, we then realized that today there was a solar eclipse that could be seen over most of Asia. I had looked up the path and times yesterday evening and it was clear that, weather permitting, we would be able to see a large chunk of the sun being covered by the moon. In the next hour we saw clouds clearing for a few moments at a time so we got a few short peeks at the sun. We walked from the gardens to Tokyo Tower, a Japanese version of the Eifel tower. There’s a viewing platform at the 150m level but unfortunately the clouds and humidity prevented us from seeing beyond the city limits. On a clear day we would be able to see Mount Fuji, 90 Km away. We returned to the hotel via Akihabara, the electronics district for some pictures of the shops at nighttime.