Monday afternoon

After Sensoji Temple and the first geocache we found, we walked a little over 2 Km to Ueno Park. It’s nice to find such a big green area in a city as busy as Tokyo. It’s a bit like Central Park in New York where you can get away from noise and traffic. Inside the park is Toshogu Shrine, a 17th century shrine that’s approched along a path lined on both sides with many bronze lanterns.
We left the park and went to Ueno Station. The Hard Rock Cafe is located here and they have nice icecreams…. 🙂
We took the subway back to the hotel earlier than expected. It seems we planned enough time to go see everything and we can take it easy without missing out on things we want to do and see. Now I just have to find some time to publish a few pictures in the gallery.

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  1. ?????.
    We are looking forward to see some of your pictures of Tokio. Have fun in Japan ! Greeting from Knokke. Arianne and Johan