Geocaching in Holland

The November 1st weekend is the time IVAO participates in the flightsimulator weekend in Lelystad. This is a perfect time for us to go geocaching in a region further away from home. The area Lelystad – Emmeloord still has a lot of open spaces and forest areas and thus hiding spots are plenty. I downloaded a Pocket Query of the area and made a selection of mostly multi caches that we were to try and find. After loading the PQ into GSAK and getting the spoiler photo’s the caches were loaded into the Colorado and a backup of the GPX file and HTML were loaded into the PDA.

This was the big test for the Colorado. First thing I noticed, you need batteries, a lot of them. I had the battery sets of my old GPS2XL with me (1300 and 2300 mA) and they proved to run down faster than we could finish a cache unlike in the GPS12XL where they would keep going all day. Fortunatelly I had a few sets of 2700mA power cells too. Second thing is that when going on a multi, the unit will display the info of the cache when going to the starting coordinates but going to the next stages you have to just put in the WP and use the map or compass without being able to pop up the description, logs or hint. We kept on using the PDA for reading the description and the GPS just for navigating. The old GPS12XL has a resolution of 10m and does not have an high sensitive receiver so under the trees it’s sometimes difficult to keep a lock and to have accurate position readings. The Colorado worked perfect in the forrest and most caches where within 3-4 meters of the published or calculated coordinates. I found the new unit to be excellent and I’m sure that using all the functions will become easier as time goes by. An update of the software to make multi caches easier to manage would be welcome though.