A new GPS for holiday use and other stuff

A few weeks ago we already decided on a destination for or 2009 summer vacation. Unlike previous holidays we have now chosen a less obvious destination where getting around will not be as easy as in the USA, Europe or Australia. Japan is still a mysterious place to us and we expect getting around will be a lot harder because of the language barrier and the fact that reading roadsigns will be near impossible.

I decided that GPS navigation would be the way to go but I failed to find maps for Tomtom. Time to look for a replacement for the trusty Garmin GPS12XL that was bought in 1999. A search on Ebay soon yielded a few possible buys. I choose a Garmin Colorado (new in box) that I could pick up from the seller not to far away. After some testing I bought a Japanese map for this unit. I’ve been using this map while preparing for our trip and and it looks promising.