Our first geocache in Japan.

Close to the Sensoji Temple is a small park. Sumida Park houses GC1251V that is cleverly hidden but easy accessible. This was the first cache we found in Japan. I took the opportunity to drop one of the travelbugs I brought with me from the latest caches I “raided” in Belgium and just accross the border in the Netherlands.
A few months ago, when we were planning our vacation, I bought a Japanese map for my Garmin Colorado 300 and it already proved to be invaluable. Having a street map on paper is no big fun when you can’t read half the streetsigns 😉
Later during the day we found 3 caches in and near Ueno Park. Again I dropped a TB and picked up new ones. We don’t go out of our way to go caching as this is not the purpose of our trip but if any are closeby we’ll hunt them…..