December 13th, Pebble Island to Stanley

It was time to leave Pebble Island in the morning and fly to Stanley. The wind was blowing hard but that’s not a problem for the FIGAS pilots. The bonus was that it only took 30 min flight time because of the tailwind. It was a nice coincidence that we had the same pilot for the third time.

The wind blew straight into town from over the water making it hard to walk near the waterfront. We visited a few of Stanley’s main sights and explored the museum. We also met the three British veterans again who stayed at the Sea Lion Lodge with us and when we ran into them again at the war memorial again we went for a drink together.
All too soon it was late and we had to get ready for dinner and prepare for our day tour tomorrow.
With a little time left on our internet data card I could upload a few pictures already, we still have one unused card to check our emails and update the blog.