December 12th, Pebble Island

We started our full day exploring the island by 4×4 at 9:15. The first stop was at the airport at the location an Argentinian Skyvan was destroyed when the British retook the island in the 1982 conflict. Next we visited the HMS Coventry memorial at the top of a hill. We slowly continued the drive through the fields until we came across the crash site of an Argentinian Dagger (copy of the French Mirage made by Israel), most of the pieces are scattered over a 500m radius and we could still see the imprint of the plane’s nose on impact.

The ride then continued along several penguin colonies and the impressive coastline to a big Rockhopper colony where we had lunch and spend time watching the penguins climb the rocks.
From here we started to make our way back but we still had several stops along the way. At one large beach we came across a petrel breading area. The white sand, blue sky an water made it look like we were at a Caribbean island if not for the wind and temperature.
After 8.5 hours and 81 kilometers we were back at the lodge.
We just did a little walk to the jetty to watch the sunset to end the day.