November 29th, Ushuaia

We had a 4×4 trip booked for the day so we had to get earlier than the previous days. We were picked up at 8:20 as promised and found out there was just one more passenger and there was only one Land Rover on the trip.

We made our way to Garibaldi pass for a view of the lake but low hanging clouds prevented us from seeing anything. As we continued downhill we cleared the clouds and stopped again near the Lake Escondido where we would make a small tour in canoe. As our guide talked to the man at the canoe shop there seemed to be a problem so we had to skip the activity. This was no problem for us as we didn’t really want to go on the water with our camera’s anyway.

We turned into a dirt road next and after a few Kilometers it was time to put the car in 4×4 mode and continue towards the company’s cabin. This was fun as the Land Rover tilted left and right going through the tracks and puddles of water. The last part of the off-road part of the trip we drove next to the lake and at a few spots through the water.

After we were parked we had to hike to the cabin close to another lake where a BBQ lunch was prepared. There was also some extra time to walk around the area.

Too soon we had to go back to the car and start the drive back to town. This time the view at Garibaldi pass was clear so we stopped there to enjoy the view we missed in the morning.