November 28th, Ushuaia

The morning started with little wind, an exception around here, and the sun out in full force. These are ideal weather conditions for a boat trip on the Beagle Channel.

Sitting in the sun waiting for the boat trip to start felt warm already even when it was only 9:30. At 10 we boarded and soon we sailed East on the Beagle Channel.  Along the way we saw one swimming penguin and at the first small island the captain maneuvered the boat as close as possible so we could have a good view of the cormorants. On another small island sea lions were resting all over.

We slowly continued East until we got to the End of the world lighthouse. Here we turned around towards  Ushuaia  but first we moored at a small island with native plants that was once inhabited by local tribes 1000’s of years ago.

Since it was 19 degrees with an almost completely blue sky we took a taxi from the harbor to the Glacier Marcial. unfortunately the chairlift was out of order so we could not get to the ice without a hefty climb. We opted to go for a break in the cafeteria and take a taxi down again.