November 30th, Ushuaia

Another early morning. Because Aerolineas Argentinas changed our flights we had to finds extra things to do in Ushuaia. We found a nice trip to Gable Island, a farm and one of the only places to easily see penguins.

Right on time the small bus stopped in front of our apartment for a 90 Km drive to Gable Island. The bus first stopped a few times to pick up people in town and then started the 1.5 hour drive to the launch place for the canoeing. Once everything was unloaded and the canoeing group was ready, we continued to the farm where we got a tour of the grounds and historic buildings.
After 45 minutes we got on a large speedboat to pick up the canoeing group and continued to a small island with a pebble beach where we saw Magellan and Gentoo penguins.
The speedboat then dropped us off at another island where lunch was served. After lunch we hiked across the island for two hours enjoying the views of the Beagle Canal with Chile in the background. When we arrived at the other side of the island our guide radioed for the speedboat to pick us up and return to the farm where the bus was waiting to bring us back to Ushuaia.


2 Comments on “November 30th, Ushuaia

  1. Volledig in natuurlijke materialen, je ontvangt er toch niets. Geen water, geen electriciteit en geen GSM ontvangst de eerste 40-50 Km.
    End of the world, quoi…. 😉