November 25th, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

Alarm clock at 6 in the morning…that’s early. Orlando had breakfast ready for us at 7 and half an hour later “our” taxidriver Miguel took us to the airport. The flight departed from AEP, which is in the city and only a 15 minute drive on a sunday morning.

There was a long line at the baggage drop and a few times the conveyor belt stopped because luggage got stuck . Not everything runs smooth in Argentina. It seemed we were lucky as tomorrow there is once a a strike at Aerolineas Argentinas and all flights are cancelled on the 26th.

Our flight took of almost on time and 3.5 hours later we arrived in Ushuaia. We picked up our rental car and drove into town to meet the owner of the apertment we rented. Explaining how everything worked proved to be a challenge but a translate app helped a lot. Since everything seems to take longer than expected we decided to just go to the supermarket for supplies, unpack, relax a bit an go for dinner.

At least the weather looks good, it’s sunny, about 8 degrees but the wind blows at 40-50Km/h.



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2 Comments on “November 25th, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

  1. Goed op weg lees ik !
    We kunnen concureren met de temperatuur , maar de zon is niet van de partij hier.
    grtz Luc

    • De temperatuur zegt niet veel, het voelt warmer aan op de plaateen waar geen wind is. Vandaag zou het 14 graden worden met veel zon, morgen zelfs 18 graden.
      We waren voorbereid op slechter weer, dus voorlopig valt alles beter mee.