November 26th, Ushuaia

The sun was already shining when we woke up at 7. The temperature was 8 degrees and the wind was already blowing hard.

We drove West to Terra del Fuego national park on a dirt road, leaving a cloud of dust behind us. After paying the entrance fee we continued further West until the road ended at a car park. Only 2 cars were there so we had nice quiet walk along the 1.2 Km trail along the water’s edge until we could go no further. At this point we needed to find answers for the earthcache we wanted to log. During the walk we had sunshine, clouds more and less wind and a few drops of rain. Most of the time it felt a lot warmer than we anticipated. We passed a large active beaver dam were it was clear that beavers chewed through the trees to build their dam. We returned along the same path to the parking lot that, by now, was overcrowded. It seems people start the day late around here.

Next stop was the visitor center with an exhibition about the area and a cafeteria. After that stop we continued to the Southernmost post office in the world to have our passports stamped at the “end of the world post office”. The small cabin has a gift shop were we saw a very strange type of souvenir, an Argentina license plate with “Malvinas ARG 1982”.

We made our way back to town to try to get our Argentinian SIMcard working. Fortunately someone in the shop spoke English  and after a few tries we finally had internet on our hotspot.

Since 2 years Ushuaia has a Hard Rock Cafe so we had to go there at least once.  Unlike at other locations we could go in without waiting in line. It was so quiet that the manager even had time to talk to us for a while. After dinner the sun was still shining so we decided to walk along the waterfront to the Ushuaia  sign before getting back to the apartment.


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