November 24th, Buenos Aires

We left home on Friday afternoon to get the train to Brussels where the high speed Thalys would bring us to Schiphol. Soon it was clear something wasn’t right. It looked like it took forever to get to Antwerp, the train was going 30-40 Km/hour and stopped several times. Once we left Antwerp we got up to speed (295Km/h) as expected to arrive in Amsterdam 20 minutes late.

Boarding started at 20:15 and we were ready to go by 20:55 except for some extra cargo that needed to be loaded so we took off about 25 minutes late. We expected to make up the time but it looked like the wind was not blowing from a favorable direction most of the time. Between Lisbon and NW Africa it was a bumpy ride and once we crossed the Atlantic the same happened once we entered Brazilian airspace.

We got to Buenos Aires half an hour late and after getting our luggage and clearing immigration, customs and getting our Pesos we were finally on our way in Miguel’s taxi to our B&B.

We settled in and then started our day with a late breakfast and a visit to a telecomshop for a local SIMcard. Getting that to work is different story which will hopefully be solved tomorrow.

We took a taxi to Recoletta, the famous cemetery where, among others, the crypt of Eva Peron can be seen. From there we slowly made our way back North via the giant metal flower, Floralis Genetica and the Japanese garden.

By then it was time to get back to our room to get ready for tomorrow’s early start as we have a 9:30 flight to Ushuaia.