December 2nd, Espaniola Island

Another early start as we had to be at the dock by 7:15 for a boattrip to Espaniola Island. First we were checked for food as it is illegal to bring food to the island because of the fragile ecosystem. Durin2g more than half of the 50 Km to the island we had a headwind and rough sea so several times the boat dropped onto the water with a hard bang. After more than 2 hours we anchored in a small bay and were ferried to the island by zodiac

First thing we saw where a lot of crabs and bit futher a bunch of iguanas greeted us followed by several sealions. Our group of just 7 people were then guided on a two hour tour on part of Espaniola by the two crewmembers and our official Galapagos guide. During the hike we saw many Boobies, Fragate birds and several Albatros. Some of the birds had chicks and others sat on an egg. We watched two Albatros “dancing”  which is their way of finding a partner for life. We felt like we were watching a live David Attenborough BBC documentary.

What makes this island so unique is that the wildlife doesn’t seem to notice the human visitors, more than once did we walk at less than half a meter from a sealion or iguana without the animal even looking up, moving away or getting aggresive.

After our hike we could hardly get back to the little zodiac because iguanas blocked the path to the docking spot.

Back on board it was lunchtime followed by a short trip along the island to go snorkeling. Eventhough the water was only 18 degrees it didn’t feel cold because of the provided wetsuits. During snorkeling curious sealions came swimming close to me to see what I was up to.

Too soon we had to get back to San Cristobal, this time the water was a lot calmer than in the morning.

3 Comments on “December 2nd, Espaniola Island

  1. Dag Maurice,
    Ik ben benieuwd .Foto s door Nikon of door GoPro ?
    Alleszins mooie kleuren ! Mooi licht daar ?

    • Foto’s zijn allemaal met de D90 gemaakt en met BeFunky op de tablet snel bewerkt en verkleind, GoPro doet dienst onder water en om te filmen. Meestal wordt de hele snorkeltocht bijna continue gefilmd omdat er zo veel te zien is.

  2. Allen
    Volgens hetgeen we hier lezen, is het tot hiertoe een prachtige reis met mooie natuur. Nog veel ontdekkingen te beleven.
    Maria en Freddy