December 3rd, Leon Dormida

We had a relaxing day ahead of us, breakfast at 8, and ready at the Darwin dive office by 8:45. As we already noticed things are not to strickly organised around here. While yesterday we were told we’d be on the same boat with the same crew, we had to board another boat from another company. With only 8 people and 4 crew we had plenty of space and once we arrived at Leon Dormido/Kicker Rock there was one diver and 6 of us went snorkeling, each group with it’s own guide. Although the water was colder than at yesterday’s snorkelingspot it was warm enough with our wetsuits on.

As soon as we swam closer to the rock 100’s of fish swam near us and soon we spotted turtles and a few sea lions. With 80 meters of water below us we could not see the bottom but seaturtles kept coming up from the abyss not in the lest disturbed by our presence. After an hour we climbed back on board for a snack while the boat took us to the other side of the rock. Here we could snorkel a second time but the water was colder and the currents stronger so we spent less time here. There were also less fish but more turtles.

Back on board we headed to Cerro Brujo where anchored down and had lunch on board as food is not allowed on land. To get on the beach we did a “wet landing”,  jumping from the back of the boat in half a meter of water and walking to land. We hiked about a kilometer one way along the beaches that filled with sealions. Many were playing in the surf close to the beach others were just enjoying the sun and some seemed to come up to us to pose for pictures.

By 3 we were back in the dock, went to the Darwin Dive office to return the snorkeling gear and have a relaxing drink at the waterfront before getting back to the B&B.