December 1st, Quito to Galapagos

Another early morning as we were all packed and ready when we went for breakfast at 6 o’clock. The hotel shuttle brought us to Quito  airport, a 45 minute drive, where we expected to need at least an hour to get our special Galapagos immigration card and have our luggage checked for “biohazards”. At the airport everything was unexpectedly very quiet and we were the only ones at the immigration desk. 10 minutes later we could already have our luggage X-rayed and be on our way to baggage drop-off. It only took about 25 minutes from airport entrance to the gate, a record for us. Latam’s A319 took off on time  and after a 40 minute stopover in Guayaquil we were on our way to San Cristobal. We landed 10 minutes early and after getting checked again for forbidden items like food and paying the $100 park fee we picked up our luggage and took a pickup taxi for the 1.4Km distance to our B&B.

After settling in it was time to go for a quick stroll around town. Just minutes away we saw the first seals lying in the sun not in the least impressed that we walked by so close. A bit further some crabs sat between the rocks at the edge of the water and a bit later we spotted our first iguanas.

We decided to relax a little outside a bar with a drink and some icecream and cake near the waterfront were worke?s were preparing the Christmas tree before going back to our room and getting some rest, tomorrow is another day with an early breakfast and a boattrip.