Tuesday, November 10th: Freycinet

A short distance from Bicheno is Freycinet which is famous for it’s white beach at Wineglass bay. To get a good view we hade to do a hike to a high up viewingplatform overlooking the area. It was well worth the effort to do this even with a very warm sun shining down on us.
We were back in Bicheno in the afternoon getting ready for another “special” during the evening. A small bus picked us up to see Tasmanian Devils “in the wild”. It was more “as close to in the wild as possible” as the area is fenced off to protect the animals from their diseased wild counterparts. We saw the devils behave as in the wild from a dark viewing cabin with only limited lighting on the area they get their food.
Not only did the internet fail at this accommodation there was also no coverage for our own datasignal so from here we were “off the grid”.