Monday, November 9th: Maria Island

From Orford, here we had our B&B, it was a short drive to Triabunna where we boarded yet another boat that would take us on a tour around Maria Island. As the weather was excellent we spend a lot of time at different locations with great views and we even went into several narrow caves. About halfway we had lunch while anchored at a secluded bay. From there we continued to the famous painted cliffs and then to the island’s jetty from where we had about an hour to spend for a walk. We took the opportunity to go looking for wombats and after getting a few hints we found them in an open space eating. They were used to having people around so we could get very close.
It was time to get back to the boat and to Triabunna from where we dove another hour to Bicheno, our next accomodation.