Saturday, November 7th: Port Arthur

Another lazy day today so we didn’t have to get up very early and we could have breakfast without having to rush.
It had been raining throughout the night and it took until noon for the showers to pass.
The main attraction in Port Arthur is the historic site, an old army base annex prison where hardened criminals were send in the 19th century. Many buildings just have their outside walls left but some others are restored. One building has a courtroom and cells for solitary confinement.
A few kilometers North we visited a lavenderfarm with a cafe where all kinds of food are prepared with lavender, there’s even purple icecream.
Before we went back to the house we continued South until the road stopped at the ocean. There is a “Remarkable Cave” where the tides roll through a long tunnel bringing the water close to a viewing platform.
To end the day we went back to the historic site for dinner, there are not many places to choose from around here.