Friday, November 6th, Hobart to Port Arthur

We left Hobart and it’s traffic jams behind us to the peace and quiet of the Tasman peninsula. We stopped a the sealexcursion location first to make sure all was still OK as this trip depends heavily on the weather, wind and currents. We got a hint that Saturday may not be the best day to go out on the water and Sunday may be a lot better. They would let us know later today.
We continued our way South to the Blowhole where the sea pushes water into a cave and blows it out the other side. A little further along the same road is Tasman Arch, a natural bridge formed by erosion by the waves.
Next was one of the things we came for, the Tasmanian Devil. This endangered animal is protected and a breeding program is set up by the Tasmanian Devil Park. This is one of a few places where Devils can be seen, only about 30 are living in the wild on the Southern part of the peninsula. At the same place we met some Tassie Kangaroos up close and personal.
A detour of 15 Km was made to the nearest shop for supplies because there is no more shop in Port Arthur since the only grocery store burned down in 2014.
By 9 pm it was confirmed, the sealtrip is moved to Sunday.