Friday, 26°C rain, cloud, sun, rain again

As we woke up it was raining heavily, not good to go up Mount Fuji. As before, the rain stopped while we had breakfast and there was some sun about when we left for the station. We took the bus to fifth station at an elevation of 2300 meters. The parking lots were filled up with busses from all over Japan bringing climbers to this base camp. Although the top is only 3.4 Km away it takes 3.5 hours to walk to 3770m. When we arrived we had clouds above and below us and soon visibility was down to 20 meters. We could not see Fuji-san even though we were halfway up. We did walk up for a while but since there were no views to be seen we descended back to the bus stop for our ride back to Kawaguchiko station. As on the way up, we had sunshine on the way down and so we did have a very short peek at the top of Mount Fuji.

Back at the station we walked to the Fuji Visitor Centre. Entrance is free and they show a 10 minute film on how Mount Fuji was formed and give some information about the area. Only 1 Km away, near Fujikyu Highland amusement park, there was a geocache hidden so we went there on the way back. Since the cache was near the train station we decided to take the train back to Kawaguchiko. As we arrived there it started to rain again.