Arrival in Tokyo 31° C sunny spells

Sleeping was not easy. It never got dark and we didn’t feel like it was late. Nevertheless we managed a to sleep a short while. An hour before we touched down in Narita, Tokyo international airport we got breakfast and filled in the customs forms. We were warned that getting into Japan would take a long time but fortunately all went very smooth. It took just half an hour after we left the airplane until we were at the Japan Rail ticket counter. In that time we were fingerprinted, photographed and retrieved our suitcases.
The Narita Express took 58 minutes to get to Tokyo Station. Even though it was hot and humid we decided to walk 900 meters to our hotel. By noon we were there but we could not yet get into our room. We put our luggage in storage and went for a short walk to a nearby “Subway” for a sandwich and cold drink.