October 25th, Going home

Lots of rain this morning but as we could board the bus in front of the hotel that didn’t bother us. 10 minutes later we were at terminal 2 of Narita airport. Japanese efficiency meant that 25 minutes later we were on our way to the gate.

Our plane arrived only 5 minutes late so it looks we’re set for a departure on time.

AY72 @ NRT

We took off from Narita with a delay but arrived in Helsinki early. We had to go through security again and pass through EU border control. This took just a few minutes as it was very quiet at the airport.

It seems we were lucky today. The rain in Tokyo worsened after we left and many flights were delayed or cancelled. The expressway to Narita was closed and JR rail and busservice to the airport were also cancelled. A lucky escape once again.