October 24th, Annaka to Narita

As usual, our last day is a stressless day. We had less than 200 Km to go to our final accommodation near Narita airport.

As usual it took a lot of time to get to Ushiku Daibutsu, a 120 meter high Buddha statue. An elevator goes to the 5th floor at 85 meters where, in clear weather, the Tokyo skyline and even Mount Fuji can be seen. Not today though as it was cloudy.

On the other floors are exhibitions and one floor features 3000 small Buddha statues. The garden has a large selection of colourful flowers.

We continued towards our hotel and made a stop at a large shopping mall so we could see what’s on offer and compare prices of electronics. We had an early dinner in the mall’s foodcourt Ikinari steak restaurant.

It was time to get to the hotelso we could unload the car and return it to the rental agency just across the road.

Tomorrow we will have to get up early to catch our flight home at 9:50.