October 22nd, Uozu to Myoko

We started the day with what we expected to be a less than 2 hour drive to see some rice terraces in Hoshitoge. Just a few kilometers before we reached our destination the road was closed because of typhoon damage.

We tried to find an alternative route and just 2.5 kilometers before the rice fields that road was blocked too. There were however signs, in Japanese, with lots of text. We managed to find the detour with the help of a local driver who assured us the narrow winding road leading up the steep hill was the route to follow. At least we got a nice view a few minutes later.

About 40 Km away is the Kiyotsu Gorge tunnel. This 750 meter long tunnel has 4 viewpoints of the gorge and at the final viewpoint there’s a pool of water that mirrors the mountains in the distance.

We still had some distance to cover and that takes time as many roads have a speedlimit of 50 Km/h and only 40 Km/h going through the many villages.