October 21st, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route

We got up really early, it was still dark, so we could go to breakfast as soon as the restaurant opened at 6:30. We had a 45 minute drive ahead of us to try to get the first cablecar of the day at 8 from Tateyama station to start our journey to Kurobe Dam.

We just made it in time but as the cablecar was full we had to take the next one. As it was already very busy the schedule was not followed but the cablecar went continually. Next we got on a bus to Murodo, a 50 minute drive, followed by a 10 minute ride through a tunnel on a trolleybus.

We then transferred to a ropeway and finally to another cablecar. After a shott walk through another tunnel we arrived at the Kurobe Dam. We walked across the dam to the viewing platforms up and down many stairs. Even on this cloudy but dry day the autumn colours were magnificent.

On the way back we stopped at each station to go to the viewing platform and at Murodo we walked a trail around two ponds and to a viewing point overlooking the streaming vents of the volanic activity. The path to get closer the vents was closed because of the toxic gasses.

Because it was so busy we decided not to get out of the bus back down the mountain as we would probably not make it to the last bus.