October 19th, Takayama

The weather forecast didn’t look good but while we were driving to Takayama the sun even came out. The temperature was around 21 degrees when we found a place to park.

We walked the streets with historic wooden buildings to the Hida Kokubunji Temple and pagode. As we arrived there it began to rain. Walking to Takayama Jinya we walked through the streets with historic sake breweries.

As the rain continued we partly followed the main street with covered sidewalk but we had to take shelter when there was a sudden downpour. The Takayama Yatai Kaikan exhibition shows some floats that are used in a local parade and in another section there’s a display of historic buildings made to scale to the finest detail.

The rain kept falling so we decided to skip a visit to one of the historic villages in the area and return to Uozu.