October 16th, Morioka to Yamagata

We left early again as we wanted to get the 10 o’clock boattour at Geibikei Gorge almost 100 Km from Morioka. We made it with just minutes to spare. Because of the typhoon the waterlevels were unsafe in part of the gorge so the normal tours were cut short.

23 Km further is another gorge, Genbikei, were we walked the path next to the Iwai river. There’s a suspention bridge at one end and on the other sideis a gazebo where people can put money in the basket that is then pulled accross the river, a few minutes later the order, tea and sweets, are decending when the bsket is released again from the shop above.

It was another 82 Km to arrive at the Kokeshi museum. There’s a display of wooden dolls unique to the area and we could see them being made by hand. The nearby gorge was supposed to be one of the best autumn colour spots in the area but it seems that it’s still a bit too early as most of the trees are still green. Maybe the 20 degrees we had todayis too warm for the time of year.

Our last stop was Ginzan Onsen, a very small villge at the end of a road. The village consists of typical Japanese buildings next to a stream. There is no street in the village and both sides of the houses are connected with bridges. At the end of the village is a waterfall that feeds the stream.

All that was left was a 40 minute drive to our next hotel.