December 18th, Guayaquil

Weather on the Galapagos was very pleasant with temperatures between 20 at night and 25 to 28 during the day but as soon as we stepped out of our air-conditioned hotel the humid heat fell upon us. Temperatures went up to 35 degrees today so we tried to find air-conditioned places to drink at regular intervals. Just around the corner is the cathedral with a small park. As it’s called Iguana Park we knew what to expect and we thought it would not be special as we had already seen hundreds in the last weeks but these iguanas were completely different.  We wandered around for a while and then realized that these iguanas climb the trees and rest on the branches. We soon saw, from a distance, that it’s not so save to stand underneath  the resting iguanas.

We continued to the malecon or waterfront to the clock tower and walked North passing a giant Christmas tree and a lot of Christmas decorations. In the evening everything is lit up and there are performances.

At the end of the Malecon a narrow road leads through colorful houses to the start of the 444 stairs that have to be climbed to get to the lighthouse on top of the hill. From here we had a nice view of the city and the nearby airport. Walking back down was a lot easier and back on the Malecon we could enjoy a cold drink again. Just what we needed.