December 6th, Loberia

We slept in today, we asked for breakfast to be served around 8:30 so we wouldn’t have to get up early but, as always we were up well before the alarm clock went off. This gave us the opportunity to walk down the street to the fish market were fisherman came to register their catch. Today there were only lobsters and each one was measured and noted in a book.

After breakfast we walked to town and took a $4 taxi to Loberia, a beach close to the airport where sealions, iguanas and lots of birds can be seen. Since we saw so many already in town we were a bit disappointed that there was so little wildlife at that beach. The iguanas were a lot bigger than the ones in town and we also saw a lot of little crabs with shells. We did notice some recently born sealions too.

Back at the B&B we began preparing our luggage for tomorrow’s flight to Isabela at 7:15, it’s going to be an early start of the day.