Thursday October 27th, Fox Glacier

It was a bit of a weird day today. The day started very cloudy and it was raining but when we went for breakfast in “town” we saw the sky clearing a little. Unfortunately a little later it rained again and clouds obscured view of the mountains. We were looking forward to the glacier hike we booked when we went to the operator’s they could only confirm what we already feared, no helicopter flight… We were re-booked on a later flight but that too was later cancelled.
We decided to drive to the Fox glacier access road and walked 1.5 Km up to the viewing point. We could clearly see how much the glacier retreated.
Since it was no longer raining we went to Lake Mathison for a walk around the lake famous for the reflections of the mountains in the water. By the time we got back at the carpark it was almost time for dinner.