Wednesday October 26th, Arrowtown – Fox Glacier

We left Arrowtown and took the scenic Route 89 through Cardrona with it’s old hotel as the main attraction. Next was the Blue Pools walk, a short hike from the parking lot to the mouth of the Blue River. The best view was from the suspension bridge.
At Cameron Lookout we had our “picnic with a view” before heading to Haast Pass. Eventhough the lookout was close to the highway it took us 20 minutes to get up to the platform as it was a steep 130m climb. Unfortunately at the top the view was a bit disappointing.
A short walk from the highway are Fantail falls where we could stand in the middle of the river as there was not a lot of rain- and melting water.
We then made our final stop at Knight’s point where we had a nice view of the ocean. The closest land from here is Tasmania at 1700 Km and the South Pole.
When we arrived at Fox Glacier it felt still nice and warm although the temperature was only 17 degrees.
We hope for the same weather for tomorrow as we have booked a helicopter flight to hike on the glacier.