Monday October 24th, Te Anau, Doubtfulsound

?Another cloudy morning today when the Go Orange bus picked us up at our B&B. We were dropped off at the ferry terminal to cross the lake where another bus took us to the boat at the Doubtful Sound. We had a 3 hour cruise along the fjord here but unfortunately during the first part we had some light rain making it difficult to keep the camera’s lens dry and clean. The views along the way were fabulous but would be better with some sunshine. We stopped a few times to observe penguins swimming and jumping out of the water. At the end of the Sound the water was getting wild again as we were at the edge of the Tasman Sea in the “roaring forties”. The little rock islands here were filled with seals resting after feeding at sea.
On the way back to the jetty the boat stopped at a large waterfall and slowed down twice for seals swimming in our path.
After getting off the boat it was back on the bus then another boat and finally a bus back to the B&B.

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