Sunday October 23rd, Te Anau, Milford Sound

An early start of the day so we would be at Milford Sound before 10 for a cruise around the fjord. The many stops along the way we would do on the way back.

When we checked in we heard there would only be 14 people on board so that would give us plenty of space to wander around the two decks. We made our way to the Tasman Sea along nice views of the mountains and many waterfalls, some of them the skipper put the boat right underneath. On the way back we passed two seal colonies and looked out for penguins before entering the small harbor where two dolphins greeted us.

First stop on the return drive was The Chasm where the high speed waterflow carved holes in the rocks. Once we passed the Homer tunnel we stopped along Hollyford Road were a path lead us accross a swing bridge to the spectacular Marian falls. Further along Hollyford road is Gunn’s Camp a settlement that still looks like it did in the 1930’s. Still further a steep track leads to Humboldt Falls.

The last stop was Mirror Lake where we already stopped on the way up but then it was very crowded, now we were there alone. When we came closer to Te Anau it started to rain again.

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