Friday October 21st, Dunedin – Owaka

We had a three hour drive ahead of us but first we had two activities planned on the Otago Peninsula.

A 15 minute drive from our B&B is Penguin Place, a reserve where many of the endangered Yelloweyed Penguins live. This time of the year the penguins spend a lot of time at sea so it wasn’t easy to spot them but we managed to see one Yelloweyed Penuin on a nest and a few little blue penguins hidden away in their nests. A short distance away is the Royal Albatros Center, about the only place were Albatros can be seen nesting on land as they mostly fly around the Antarctic area and nest on small islands in the Southern seas.

We finally left around 2:30 with a stop at Nugget Point with it’s lighthouse and “nuggets”, rocks that rise up from the sea.
After checking in our B&B we took a 30 minute drive to Jack’s blowhole, a 55m deep hole that is 200m inland.

Dinner in the local restaurant ended the day.

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