Saturday October 22nd, Owaka – Te Anau

We had a long drive ahead of us today with several stops before getting to Te Anau. Total distance was expected to be around 370 Km including sidetrips.

After 15 Km we arrived at the Purakaunui Falls parking place from where it was a short hike to the falls. Next would have been Cathedral Caves but since we needed low tide to visit we had to skip this unless we wanted to wait for more than 2 hours.

Curio Bay Petrified forest was next on the list. The bay has petrified trees embedded in the rocks, this is evidence that once a forest grew here. Further down the scenic route is Slope point, the Southernmost point of “mainland” New Zealand. At the end of the path is a signpost showing the distance to the Equator (5140Km) and the South Pole (4803Km).

We got back on the main highway for a stop at Bluff Hill and Sterling Point, the starting point of SH1 and the place where a signpost shows distances to several cities around the world.

Via nearby Invercargill we continued our route to Te Anau and our next B&B.

Again, today we had mostly sunshine and enjoyable temperatures.

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