Wednesday October 19th, Mt. Cook

Heavy rain yesterday evening and in the morning we heard rain on our cabin’s roof once again. This didn’t look good for the boattrip we had planned later this afternoon.

While getting ready for the day and eating breakfast the sun came shining through the clouds and soon we saw the sky clearing in the direction of Tasman glacier. A quick call to Glacier explorers was all it took to reschedule our late afternoon boattrip to 10 o’clock as we were afraid the weather would turn again. When we got on the bus to to the Tasman Glacier parking the sun was out and it was getting warmer but the wind was sill blowing hard and eventhough we were on our way the boattrip was still not a sure thing. From the parkinglot it was a 20 minute walk to the jetty where we were given lifejackets before getting on the small boats with a maximum of 15 passengers each. We got some info about the glacier and got closer to a few icebergs (big ones for here, tiny if compared to Greenland). We then set off to the glacier’s front where we had to stay 500 meters away for security reasons. The glacier’s front is about 30m  high and 2Km wide but is melting at high speed.

After getting back we went for lunch in the self-serve restaurant and then, as the weather was still fine we went to walk part of the Hooker Valley track. On this track we crossed two suspension bridges before getting back along the same track. By the time we were halfway back to the startingpoint it started to rain lightly and we were back at the car just in time before the rain got worse.

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