Tuesday, October 18th. Christchurch – Mt.Cook

The sun was already out when we woke up and after breakfast we set out for our first ‘real’ drive through the New Zealand landscape.By evening we were expected to arrive in Mount Cook, about 350 Km from Christchurch. Throughout the day temperatures remained between 20 and 25 degrees, a lot higher than we expected. Unfortunately there were gale winds the whole day too.

In Tekapo we had lunch at the side of the turquoise lake with snow covered mountains in the background. Close by is the ‘most photographed church of New Zealand and a bit further down the road a steep narrow road leads to the Astro Cafe from where we had a 360 degree view of the area and lake below.

When we came closer to Mount Cook we saw thick clouds hanging over the mountains and the last 5Km before reaching our accommodation it started to rain. As the sun was still shining  in the valley behind us, we were treated with a big rainbow.

Upon our arrival we checked with the Stargazing company if their evening tour would go given the sky was completely covered but they would decide only 15 minutes before the start. Later in the evening they canceled the outdoor part but gave us the opportunity to reschedule for Wednesday.

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