Thursday, 32°C clouds and sun

It seems the weather finally changed for the better. It’s a few degrees warmer than before but the rain stayed away. Kyoto is the old Japanese capital and as such has a rich history. Part of the city has a concentration of old streets and temples. We partly walked and rode a bus to Gingaku-ji the temple that is the furthest away from our hotel at the start of the philosopher’s route, a path that connects most of the ancient temples and shrines. The path ends at Sannensaka with it’s traditional small shops offering typical Japanese crafts. Through a narrow street we walked to the Yasaka Pagoda and then downhill to the Gion busstop for a ride back to Kyoto station. The daily tripmeter of the GPS showed 27 Km of which about 10 Km were by bus the rest was done walking.


1 Comment on “Thursday, 32°C clouds and sun

  1. Hi Maurice.

    Ik heb hier alles zitten uitproberen en dat lijkt allemaal dik in orde te zijn.
    Slideshows werken ook allemaal.
    Proper gedaan zou ik zeggen.

    Bye Danny.