Perth to Exmouth part 2

We had to get up early as we had a 733 Km drive ahead of us and we wanted to be in Exmouth before dark.  Traffic on the highway was light and we made good time so we stopped for a few geocaches along the way. We passed a few road trains and got the opportunity to see a couple up close at the roadhouses. We noticed that it’s best not to wait to long to fill up on petrol (gas). We had lunch and filled up at Carnarvon and found the next available petrol station to be 140 Km away with the next another 223 Km further north.

Along this highway it’s clear that driving in the dark has some drawbacks, we must have passed over 100 dead kangaroos and goats next to the road.

After dinner in Exmouth, driving 5 Km back to the hotel,we had to stop for 2 smaller kangaroos that crossed the road. At highway speeds there would have no way to avoid them.