October 13th, Hirosaki tour

As the typhoon moves away the sun was out again although there still blew a hefty wind. We drove North to Takayama Inari shrine. Before we reached the shrine we drove through two very large Tori’s, or big red gates.

On the shrine grounds is a path that leads through 205 bright red tori’s to a small shrine. From here there’s a nice view overlooking all the tori’s. On the way back we spotted a giant frog jumping next to the path.

The next stop was the old 300 meter long wooden Tsuro-No-Mai bridge that spans part of Lake Tsugaru Fujimi.

On the way back to Hirosaki we passed through an area with ricefields and closer to the city we saw long stretches of apple farms. The bright red apples are huge compaired to what we are use too.

Back in the city we visited Hirosaki Castle and park with red bridges.