October 4th, Shiretoko

We had booked a boat tour this morning to takes along the cast and look for bears. Unfortunately, when checking in yesterday evening we were told the tour was cancelled because of the weather. We kind of expected this as we knew it would rain a lot today.

We decided to go to five lakes, 15 minutes North, and walk along the boardwalk despite of the rain. We started in light drizzle and even got a few dry periods. On the way back we were surprised to see a deer next to the road the many bears that roam the area stayed out of sightso we only saw the warning signs with bear pictograms.

A few Kilometers South of town we visited Oshinkoshin falls, next to the main road.

Back in town there’s a visitor center with large bords about nature and wildlife that can be seen on the peninsula. One of the “highlights” in town is Godzilla Rock but you need some imagination to see it.

Around 3 we were back at the hotel so we could relax a bit and prepare for the following days. Tomorrow shoud be mainly dry for most of the day.