December 13th, exploring the area

We had no specific plans for today but since there were a few things on our list that were within walking distance. Only a few 100 meters away we visited the Darwin center with an exhibition about Darwin’s work on the islands and the difference between the species on the different islands. On the way back we noticed beautiful painted walls that appeared to be from the cemetery.

A bit further someone made a small park with different pieces of ceramic.

We cooled down for a while in our room and then went out again for a 5 Km walk to Tortuga beach. The path to the beach is well laid out and has big cactus plants on both sides and every few meters lizards can be seen warming up on the rocks.

On the beach sea iguanas can be seen everywhere, pelicans fly overhead  and at a few places there were cordoned off areas where seaturtles laid their eggs.we walked the whole length of the beach to a small cactus “forest ” with, again, lots of iguanas.