Wednesday, 30° Sun and clouds

Today is a transfer day. We made reservations on the Hikari Railstar to Hakata , the limited express to Kumamoto and another limited express to Aso a total of 400 Km. About halfway on the Hikari the train suddenly stopped, the lights went out, the doors between cars opened and the air conditioning stopped working. As the announcements were only in Japanese we could only guess what went wrong. Fact was that the 15 minute stop was enough to mess up our schedule. We would miss the 2 limited express trains we booked. In Hakata we quickly found another train to Kumamoto but from here we had to wait for an hour for the next train to Aso. Not only was this not a limited express it was a local train that stopped at every station and took 1 hour 45 minutes to cover the 45 Km to Aso. At Aso station we took a taxi for the last 5 Km to our hotel.