Saturday, 32° thunderstorm and sun

In the morning we took the subway to Nijo Castle for a visit to the old Shogun residence. This place is on the Unesco World Heritage list. During our visit a thunderstorm made us run for shelter but fortunately it didn’t last long. There was a side effect however, as we noticed earlier in warm and humid conditions the video as well as the photo camera behaved erratically. One flashed power warnings and switched off , the other had to be switched off after every picture. In the Hakone area it was the PDA that failed and needed a total reset resulting in a reboot in default settings so all software needed to be reinstalled. After a quick stop at the hotel als electronics were OK again and we made our way to the nearby Kyoto tower where we had a view of the city from the 100 meter high viewing platform. Next it was back to Gion again for visit to the Kyomizu Temple which is build against the sloping hill to have a view over the city below.