Wednesday, November 18th: Cape Otway

Before the alarmclock went off we woke up because of a load roaring sound that seemed very close by. We opened up the curtains a spotted a koala sitting in the eucalyptus tree just meters away from our balcony. In an open space behind the trees and bushes a kangaroo was watching us, he must have heard us when we went outside to see the koala.
After breakfast we started our tour of the area where we had stops for yet another rainforest walk and a few waterfalls. For one of them, Hopetoun falls we descended 199 steps to the base of the falls and of course we also had to climb all these steps on the way back.
By late afternoon we were back at the cabin but not after stopping a few times the last few kilometers to spot some of the many koala’s.
At the cabin “our” koala was also still there.