Friday, November 13th: Melbourne – The Grampians

Wake up call at 5:45 and disembark at 6:30.
We walked off the ship and found a nearby place to have breakfast as we had no transportation yet. Around 8 we took a taxi to the rental company to pick up our “new” car, a copy of the one we had on Tassie, a Toyota Camry 2.5. This one looked a bit newer but all the controls were the same, an easy switch.
After driving 2500 Km in Tasmania it was no problem getting through Melbourne’s rush hour and making our way to the highway to the Grampions. We could check in to the motel early and drop off our luggage and then get some food in “town”. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the mountains enjoying the views and a few short walks.
By 6 we went to a restaurant for our first kangaroosteak of this trip. Back in the motel we waited for the sun to go down so we could go to the backyard to spot kangaroos that come out in the open at dusk. There was only one….