Thursday, November 12th: Marakoopa Cave

I was another rainy morning when we left Launceston but since we had planned to visit two caves that was not to much of a problem. First on the list was Marakoopa cave with it’s large chambers. Next, a 15 minute drive away, we entered King Solomon cave. We found this the better of the two as it had more stalagmites and more color. It was also a lot narrower and at several places we had to take our backpacks off to pass.
At the end of both tours it was almost time to get to Devonport were we had dinner, returned the rental car (park in front of the terminal and drop the key in a box) and checked in for the ferry.
It was still warm when we left the docks at 7:30 so from the upper deck we watched the city disappear as we set sail to Melbourne.