Wednesday, November 4th: Bruny Island

Alarmclock at 6….. so early…. Brekky at 7:30 and then out the door as we had to drive to Kettering where a bus would get us on the ferry to Bruny Island where we had a boattrip booked. The sky was blue and the sun was shining but once out to sea, eventhough we stayed close to shore, it was very chilly. The boats come equiped with special long coats to keep the wind out but even then it was hard to keep warm. We were taken to caves, blowholes and rockformations. We saw different kinds of birds and a few sealcolonies. All this in the waters of the Southern Ocean, nothing but water looking towards the South Pole.
When back at the jetty we we glad to be able to order a hot chocolate and coffee.
The bus brought us back to the ferry but not before stopping at “the neck” a narrow piece of land that connects the northern and southern part of Bruny Island. It’s also a nesting ground for penguins.